Federal Entities

Bowman Knows Federal Entities

Bowman & Company LLP takes great pride in the quality of the services that we can provide to federal entities.  Our longstanding commitment to public entities of all sizes allows for each client to receive the same kind of careful, considerate and competent attention, no matter what the level of need.

Our Firm employs an expertly trained staff of accountants, led by partners and senior managers who have quality experience, and this assures that virtually any client need will be met with full professional consideration.  Our Firm regularly provides its professional staff with current continuing professional education, which further enhances the resources that will be available to our clients.  Our professionals enjoy and thrive upon the challenge of new situations and we are constantly expanding to meet changing client needs.

Bowman & Company is a contract awardee by the General Services Administration (GSA) and a member of the BDO Alliance.  These resources, combined with our experience and specialty, makes us ideally suited to provide a wide variety of services to federal entities of all sizes.

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