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Minimize Risks and Costs When Employees Leave

Posted: Nov 17, 2017
Employees leave. They may go because you have terminated their employment, or they may resign for personal reasons, such as to pursue greener pastures. Each category presents a different set of issues.

Bowman participating in NJCPA Emerging Leaders Council Food Drive

Posted: Nov 16, 2017
Once again this year Bowman & Company will be participating in the NJCPA food drive hosted by the Emerging Leaders Council.  Non-perishable food donations can be made now through Friday, November 17th. 

What Will that New Job Cost Me?

Posted: Nov 14, 2017
People change jobs for a wide variety of reasons, including a higher salary, better opportunities, family concerns or a desire to relocate, among others. If you’re contemplating a new job, it’s important to consider whether the situation will also come with new exp [...]

Bowman At the NJ State Funeral Directors' Association Annual Convention

Posted: Nov 10, 2017
September 2017, Bowman & Company exhibited at the NJ State Funeral Director's Association convention in Atlantic City.  As a longtime advisor and friend to the Delaware Valley Funeral Home industry, we were proud to once again participate in this conferenc [...]

Bowman At Rowan University's Career Day

Posted: Nov 10, 2017
Bowman & Company LLP recently exhibited at the Rowan University Career Day.  Maryann, Ken, Jie, and Christine were delighted to meet with Rowan students and speak with them about beginning a career in public accounting. We are deeply committed to developin [...]

Give Back and Save Taxes with Charitable Contributions

Posted: Nov 10, 2017
As year end approaches, you may be thinking about making some charitable donations. Here's a rundown of the potential tax breaks for your generosity.

Executive Impersonation: Fraud's Frightening New Fad (Part 3)

Posted: Nov 09, 2017
Editor's Note: This is the third in our ongoing series on executive impersonation.  We recommend beginning with Part One and

Bowman's Team Walks for the American Heart Association

Posted: Nov 08, 2017
On October 21st at Cooper River, Bowman supported the American Heart Association Heart Walk, which promotes fun way to be physically active and make healthier choices every day.  Imagine the impact if we could reduc [...]

Income Taxes and Selling a Home

Posted: Nov 07, 2017
Homeowners may qualify to exclude from their income all or part of any gain from the sale of their main home.

How to Save Tax with an Installment Sale

Posted: Nov 03, 2017
Are you planning to sell real estate before the end of the year? Naturally, you hope to entice a qualified buyer who has plenty of cash on hand. But being open to the idea of an installment sale may help you seal th [...]